Weekend of 10/6/07


Helllllo….Well, if every weekend was as uneventful as this one there would be no reason to blog.  It was a very quiet Friday and Saturday wedding weekend.  Friday night I was in a suburb of Milwaukee and Saturday I was in Naperville, IL.  Yeah, kinda far, but I am used to it by now. Typical Illinois traffic and tolls on the way there and back.

I did get pulled over by an Illinois Sheriff on I-294 going 85 in a 65 zone.  It was actually kind of funny.  I blew by him and noticed him in the median, so I pulled over before he even got fully onto the road.  I saw his headlights go on, so I figured why make him chase me.  I thought “Maybe it will make him less pissed off.” 

I did not give him any excuses when he came up to the window.  He simply asked where I was coming from and where I was going.  He told me to “hang tight” and it would be a $95 fine with no court appearance.  5 minutes later he came back to my window all jolly and laughing, and told me he was giving me a warning.  He said, “I was thiiinking back deeer in my car…and I thought…why am I gonna take this man’s money??”  “You seem like a hard working guy…”  hahahaha  So he let me go.  What a treat.

Besides that, the weekend was non stressful and smooth.  My Saturday wedding was a friends of a friend, so it was really laid back and non-stressful. 

Let’s see about next weekend!



Weekend of 9/29/07


Wow, where do I start?  This was the last Fri., Sat., Sun. weekend for me for 2007.  Unless a random Sunday event books before the end of the year, of course.  I still have a few Fri., Sat. weekends coming up.  I am reluctant to book anymore Sunday events this year.  I start to really get burnt out this time of year; it’s been a really long wedding season.

Friday night I was in Milwaukee.  It was a full day, ceremony in one place, cocktail hour in another and reception in a third location on the same property.  My set up plans and pre-sorting/coordination of my equipment was very important. But! As we know, no matter how much planning you do, things never go exactly as planned.  I arrived with an extra hour of time to juggle the different set ups.  The venue had a “ceremony sound system” set up already and the manager told me I could patch into it with my CD player and mics, so needless to say, I was delighted. (One less thing to worry about)  I took a look at the system and it was average quality,s o i figured it would work well.  Their system had to work, because setting up my system next to theirs would have been a TON of sound equipment in the backdrop of the ceremony, so I went with it.  The sound check sounded pretty good.

I rushed upstairs, wrestled with the elevator for a little bit, hauled all my stuff down a long hallway and finally found an open door to the reception room.  Most of the employees at venue locations are really nice and helpful, but every now and then you run into some really ignorant, rude people.  The staff at this place saw me come in, but they left their boxes, carts, and tons of garbage right in front of the only accessible door.  I moved a few things out of the way (as they all watched) and slid my equipment through.  By the time I gathered a few more things and went to enter the room again, they had a ton more garbage right in the pathway I made!  Not to mention all the dish ware on the table designated for the DJ.  hahahaha  It sucks when you have to deal with stuff, but it’s part of the business.

I got everything set up in the reception room just in time to go sound check a performer for the ceremony.  She sounded great; she liked the levels and the sound as well.  The ceremony started and the house system was sounding okay.  Until!  The building next door to the ceremony started playing really loud music on their outdoor system.  It was ridiculously loud and the sound system was already turned up to its max.  I tried to turn it louder, but it began to distort.  It was embarrassing because I was in plain sight of all the guests and you know they thought that crap house equipment was mine!  It’s just one of those lose/lose situations you cannot avoid.  The bride and groom did not mention anything…I think the outburst from next door masked the subtle things that seemed huge in my mind.

Saturday was a long haul to the other side of Madison, WI.  Luckily, there was no ceremony service required;
I did not have to arrive until 4:30pm.  There was a mother of one of the newlyweds that was a real piece of work.  She would grab me by the arm and drag me across the room trying to make me do things that were already taken care of or were on my agenda.  She was not very friendly, but you have to keep smiling in situations like this.  I always force myself and really strive to remain professional. 

Things went smooth until the dance floor opened.  It was one of those crowds where the young crowd wanted to dance right away to up tempo music.  I always advise my customers against this, but the groom came up and told me to “start playing hip-hop right away”, so I reluctantly did.  Older guests immediately began to express their concerns, so I started “sets” of music to try and satisfy everyone.  You have to really be careful how you balance the music genres in a situation like this and consult with the bride and groom…which I did…several times.  Remember the mother?  Well, needless to say, she gave her opinion on music several times.  I almost thought it was her wedding there for a second.  My balance of music was not working great.  Whenever I would play oldies the young group would get upset and whenever I would play up tempo music the older guests would get frustrated.  Hmmmm….what do you do?  Slow dances!  But, you can only play so many slow dances, even though they are a crowd favorite.  They seemed to satisfy everyone, so I did a prior requested Dollar Dance and Generation Dance during this time as well.  The rest of the evening I bounced back and forth with tempo and I tried to choose songs that would satisfy young and old.  Also, I would plug in appropriate requests during song sets.  Everyone seemed to have a good time.  The ride back to Milwaukee was dark and long.

Ewww, Sunday’s wedding was in central Illinois with an early ceremony.  So, I was on the road really early Sunday morning with no sleep. (with Sunday drivers)  Note: Always budget time for Sunday drivers.  The crazy thing about the Sunday wedding was I arrived and the hall already had a full, professional sound system set up and ready to go.  I could not understand why the bride did not tell me this in any of our recent conversations.  Oh, well, I was 2 hours early.  The night went really well or should I say evening.  The reception ended at 8:30pm.  Evidently, there was a contract disagreement between the bride and the hall.  They had to be out by 8:30pm, and they had me scheduled until midnight.  It was kind of a treat after a long tiring weekend.  Again, needless to say, it was a long ride back to Brew City, the bext day of course.  I grew up in the South suburbs of Chicago, so I stayed with family.

See you next weekend.  Bill


Weekend of 9/22/07


This weekend was pretty quiet.  I guess that is good, but bad for the “memoirs”. hahaha

There was a really, really smelly young boy at one of my weddings this weekend. He was about 6 or 7.   I’m not sure if his parents did not keep up on his personal hygiene or if he had an accident in his pants, but he smelled horrible.  Plus, he was one of those kids that was mesmerized by what was going on over by the DJ, so needless to say, he kept coming over by me constantly!  It literally smelled by my table for a couple of minutes every time he left.  I have smelled bad breath from drunks (and non-drunks…), sweaty body odor from all ages, farts released on the dance floor by anonymous people always seem to make their way to the DJ table, but this kid took the cake.  It was actually making me really angry.  nauseating…  hahahaha

Anyway, hmmm, there was also a little funny detail I noticed at my other wedding…  I noticed a random grooms man casually sitting right next to the groom.  He must of been the typical jealous groomsmen that thought he should have been the best man.  The actual Best Man seemed to be pretty pissed off by the move, but took it in stride and gave his speech from a few seats down.  I think a lot of the bridal parties feelings get hurt by this stupid tradition…., but it makes for funny situations from the perspective of the DJ.

My Saturday wedding was at a place that is supposedly haunted.  It was pretty scary during the day.  I’m glad I did not have to walk those halls at night!

Hopefully, this upcoming weekend has some more action, so to speak.  The busy season is coming to a close, so things will start to slow down by Thanksgiving.

See ya soon.

Bill Spindler – Double Platinum DJ Service


Summer of 2007.


A few really crazy things happen to me this summer while providing service for weddings in and around the Milwaukee & Chicago areas.  From crazy wedding mis-haps and drunken guests to late night traffic accidents and weather.  I seem to have the pleasure and mis-pleasure of seeing it all.  This busy season is what inspired me to start this weekly blog.  It’s one of those situations that make you wish you had been keeping track all along!

Your wedding day can prove to be the happiest day of your life.  (It was for me, and is for many)  Obviously, you only get one shot at from a Bride & Grooms standpoint, a guests standpoint, and a vendors.  So, when things go wrong, on occasion, it makes it interesting and most of the time…humorous.

I think the worst thing I saw this summer was a Harley guy pretty much bit the dust, literally right in front of me.  I did not actually see him hit the ground, but I saw cars swerve and drove threw the dust cloud.  He ended up face down on the right off-ramp and the bike sat on the left shoulder about 500 yards, or more with the tire still spinning.  I’m glad I was not 2 seconds earlier.  I tried to call 911, but my cell, as usual would not allow me to make an emergency call.  Not sure why…   I’m not sure if that guy made it.  I still regret not going back to help.

A few weeks prior I saw a car in flames at the bottom of the hill by Miller Park.  That individual had to be really intoxicated to make it through the steel guard rail on a straight part of the expressway.  Firemen were already on the scene.

Sometime in early summer I saw someone getting CPR and chest compressions on the side of VanBuren in the city of Milwaukee.  I don’t know what the hell happen there.  Maybe a pedestrian?  Who knows.

I guess I come rolling into town at that time of night on weekend evenings.  1am, 2am….bar time.  It’s crazy out there!  Although, on my way to an event this summer, a refrigerator fell off of a pick up about a 1/4 mile in front of me in the middle of the day.  A van a few cars in front of me nearly hit it and swerved into the ditch. (It was kind of funny, in hindsight, to see a mini van bouncing around in the ditch.) The really funny part was there was a bunch of produce and jars that flew all over the highway.  (It reminded me of a guy in college that used to sell food out of the back of his car.  He flipped his conventable a few times one night and showed up to the ER full of lettuce, tomatoes, eggs, etc., but we won’t get into that…)  So, it was pretty funny to see not only the food all over, but the dumbfounded look of the bozo that did not tie down something that could kill someone or a family on the road.  Clown…

Oh, yeah, I was driving to a wedding down in Kenosha, WI and I saw what looked like a wallet on the side of the road.  I pondered it for a second or two and decided to turn around and take a look.  I jumped out of my car and ran toward the object.  To my suprise, it was a wallet, and it had a couple hundred dollars in it!  Also, on my way back to my car, I found a money clip with a couple hundred more!  I chalked it up as a biker that lost his stuff and celebrated.  By the time I arrived at my wedding, I decided to track the guy down…  The wedding location had an internet connection, so with a little work, I was able to get the man’s number and track him down.  He came to the reception and picked up the wallet and $$$$.  He gave me $100.00 and was very thankful.  It was one of the first times in my life I decided to do the right thing with found money.  Felt good.

As for actual @ wedding stories this summer…hmmmmm.  Tons of drunks, a lot of ridiculous speeches and dance moves, etc.  I did a wedding ceremony in a forest area in Stevens Point, WI and brought a tic back to Milwaukee in my leg.  The pamphlet at the ER said I had “been attacked by a tic”.  I thought that was pretty funny.  No lyme disease in this one…thank God.  Booked weddings need their DJ…

As in the past, I met a lot of really nice people, a lot of really rude/cruel people, and a ton of women in big white dresses.  Also, I heard the YMCA 300 more times. 

I did do a wedding for a coach of the Chicago Bears.  It was really cool meeting him and seeing the other coachs of the team.  It is kind of funny to see them on TV and remember them gyrating to music and alcohol a few months prior.  I also did a wedding that had an actor from the show Boy Meets World in the bridal party.  Kind of a small world.

Also, I booked a wedding for a girl I lived next door to back in the mid 80’s.  It seems weird to talk to someone for the first time in 20 something years!  I’m 31 now…phew.

So, lets start the blog.  I will add one every week with details on the weekends excitement.  Thanks for taking the time to read this. 

Bill Spindler